Signs You Need Auto Brake Repair Service in Johns Creek GA

by | May 17, 2020 | Automotive

The brakes are often called the most important safety feature in a vehicle. Your brakes are the only thing that stops your car in an emergency. Therefore, it’s incredibly important that you maintain them. However, people tend to put off repairing their brakes until the very last minute. That can be very dangerous, because it could jeopardize your brakes’ ability to stop your car. You should know the signs that you are going to need auto brake repair service, so that you can get a jump on it early.

Weird Noises

Your brakes will give you warnings when they are starting to degrade. Your brakes are actually pretty simple; they work by clamping down on the rotors and putting pressure on the tires until they stop. The friction slows down the wheels, but it also wears away the brake pads. Once the brake pads get worn down to a certain degree, they’re no longer very effective. To notify you when that is becoming a problem, the brakes typically have a mechanism that makes a noise when the brake pads are wearing down to unsafe levels. Typically, this is a high-pitched whine or a grinding sound. When you hear this, you should take your car for auto brake repair service in Johns Creek GA immediately.


If your car starts shaking when you apply the brakes, you have a problem. As mentioned, your brakes work by applying pressure to rotors. If your car starts shaking when you apply the brakes, it means your rotors are warped. This means your brakes aren’t applying even pressure, jeopardizing your braking power.

An auto brake repair service can resurface your rotors if they aren’t very warped. If you let it go for too long, they’ll be irreparable. Early detection of problems and early treatment is the key to keeping your car functional. Contact DMA Automotive to learn more about our automotive services.

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