Signs That a Vehicle Needs Suspension Repair in Royal Palm Beach FL

by | Apr 22, 2020 | Auto Repair

Modern vehicles are made up of multiple systems that all work together to offer a reliable, comfortable and safe ride. One system in particular, the suspension, plays a key role in each of the above categories. While most think of a vehicle’s suspension as a comfort component, it fulfills other functions such as keeping the wheels stable, ensuring sufficient braking power and preventing rollovers during cornering. If a driver sees any of the following signs of suspension trouble, they should take the car in for suspension repair in Royal Palm Beach FL immediately.

Continued Bouncing

If a vehicle bounces excessively when in operation, a suspension issue is to blame. An easy test is to push on the trunk or hood to get the bouncing to start. Once the pushing stops, the car should return to normal height within three or four bounces. If there’s movement beyond that point, odds are high that the suspension needs work.

Oil on Struts

Another easy test for suspension trouble is to run a rag or a hand over the car’s struts, which are usually visible in its wheel wells. If the rag comes back oily, it typically means that the strut casing is cracked or a seal is leaking. In either case, the vehicle should be brought in for service right away.

Rolling in the Corners

One of the most frightening signs of suspension wear is the feeling that the vehicle will overturn when cornering at high speeds. This is usually due to a broken sway bar, and it’s dangerous to drive a vehicle in this condition. If a vehicle’s sway bar is broken, it should not be driven until it’s properly serviced.

One Corner of the Vehicle is Low

If it looks like one corner of the vehicle sits lower than the other three but the tires are all on the ground, there’s a high likelihood that the struts or shocks have collapsed. Drivers with such an issue will notice that the vehicle will tend to drift.

A vehicle’s suspension plays a key role in overall safety and comfort, and drivers should not delay repairs. For suspension repair in Royal Palm Beach FL, customers should visit Business Name, where an ASE-certified team is ready to handle maintenance on imported and domestic vehicles.

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