Why You Should Consider Using the River North Park in Chicago

by | Feb 8, 2024 | Parking

Finding parking in the busy River North Chicago neighborhood can take much work. With the River North Park, you can put parking worries to rest. Here are some key reasons to consider reserving a spot at this convenient garage.

Convenient Parking Options

The Park provides a range of parking choices to meet all your needs. The parking garage covers whether you require parking for work overnight or for an event. Rest assured that with around-the-clock access and helpful staff, you can count on the park to provide parking whenever needed.

Affordable Rates Guaranteed

Unlike street parking, where rates fluctuate, the park maintains consistent daily and overnight rates that fit neatly within most budgets. Moreover, monthly reserved rates are available at a significant discount compared to pay-as-you-go options.

User-Friendly Reservation Process

Reserving your spot is as easy as visiting the garage website or calling the parking specialists. You can book a place for days or weeks in advance within minutes. The online system also allows you to manage your reservations from any device.

Parking Peace of Mind

When you reserve within the park, you’re guaranteed a convenient spot will await you—no need to hunt for scarce street parking or worry about getting ticketed. The 24/7 security monitoring and attentive staff ensure your vehicle is protected.

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