Shopping for a Stick-Shift Vehicle at a Romeoville Pre-Owned Chevy Dealer

Consumers who want to buy a vehicle with a manual transmission find this to be more difficult with every passing year. Those who especially like Chevrolet automobiles can now buy only one stick-shift version: the Camaro. Chevy doesn’t even make Corvettes with manual transmissions anymore. Shopping at a pre-owned Chevy dealer in Romeoville could be the solution.


Manual transmissions used to be associated with better fuel economy, but improvements in automobile manufacturing have made that factor fairly negligible. Still, some consumers like the advantages of having better control over the vehicle’s operation and feel that driving this way is more fun. Being in control of the transmission provides a more engaging driving experience.

Sedans and Small Cars

Someone wanting to buy a sedan or compact car can find a couple of relatively recent choices in the Chevy lineup. The Sonic was manufactured with a manual transmission through 2019 and the Spark through 2022. A pre-owned Chevy dealer in Romeoville might not have these available on the lot when the shopper first checks in, but a sales representative can contact the customer whenever one does arrive.

Pickup Trucks

A person hoping to find a Chevy pickup truck with a stick shift must look farther back in time than this. The Silverado hasn’t been manufactured in this version since 2007. However, the Colorado pickup was built with a manual transmission until 2019. That might be an easier way to get a pre-owned truck in very good condition.

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