What’s Best, Independent Auto Repair Or The Dealer?

by | Feb 9, 2018 | Automotive

It makes sense that you will go back to the dealer for service and repairs while your car is under warranty. Once the warranty period expires, what will you do? You may ask yourself “why should I change?” The dealers have been doing good work and use original parts, however, now that you are paying the bill, perhaps there is a better alternative.

Why use an independent repair shop?

Typically, a shop that performs auto repair in Brighton Park will be smaller, and as a customer, you will not have to discuss the problems with a service advisor. You can talk directly with the technician that will do the work.

The opinion Consumer Reports is well respected. They performed a recent survey that showed; based on customer satisfaction, price, quality, and timeliness, independent auto repair shops ranked higher than dealerships.

The best auto repair in Brighton Park will employ ASE certified technicians, the same as the large dealerships. The technicians employed by independent shops are every bit as proficient as factory-trained personnel, in fact, many independents started their careers with dealerships.

Although many independents will use after-market parts, which are every bit as good as original parts; if you insist on OEM parts, they can source them as easily as the dealer can.

Customer satisfaction:

Independent auto repair shops are not beholding to any vehicle manufacturer; their loyalty is to their customers, not the manufacturer that they work for. Independents have to try harder to win your business; they cannot build their relationships on “free-service,” they have to build them on “impeccable service.”

As the facilities are usually smaller and not necessarily in the “high-rent district,” the overheads are less than the dealership. This means they can do the same high-quality work for significantly less money.

It may take a little time to find the best auto repair in Brighton Park, but once you do, you will be happy and remain loyal for years.

VIP Tire & Auto Centers may not be the biggest auto repair in Brighton Park, but they are amongst the best; the ASE certified technicians do excellent work at reasonable prices.

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