Things to Know About Car Transmission Repair in Arizona

by | Mar 15, 2018 | Auto Repair

Taking care of a vehicle’s transmission is a crucial part of ensuring its long-term health. However, many drivers misunderstand the maintenance required to keep transmissions running smoothly. Below are several things to know about maintenance and Car Transmission Repair in Arizona.

Fluid Changes are Important

It’s vital to change a vehicle’s transmission fluid at regular intervals, but those intervals can exceed 100,000 miles, particularly on new vehicles. If a person plans to keep his or her vehicle for years, or if a used vehicle has high mileage, fluid changes become even more important. Getting the fluid changed may be costly, but it’s cheaper than replacing the entire transmission.

It’s a Good Idea to Leave Fluid Flushes to the Pros

Transmission fluid keeps internal parts lubricated and cool, but over time, these parts may wear down, contaminating the fluid and leading to damage. If the car’s service manual calls for it, bring it in for an evaluation and a possible fluid flush. The pros at a local shop will know whether a flush is needed.

Manual Transmissions Need Fluid, Too

Even manual transmissions need clean fluid, but the fluid may vary from one vehicle to the next. Some transmissions use regular motor oil, while others work best with conventional transmission fluid. A local repair expert will use the right type of fluid for the vehicle, which prolongs the transmission’s lifespan and increases its performance.

Certain Signs Indicate the Need for a Fluid Change

It’s not always easy to check the transmission fluid. In some instances, the vehicle has to be put on a lift for an evaluation, but in others, there’s a dipstick under the hood. Although fluid levels may look OK, it might be more difficult to tell whether there are metal shavings or other contaminants in the fluid. When the car is brought in for routine maintenance, ask the tech to check the fluid.

Many modern cars have sealed transmissions, which makes DIY work difficult. In this case, the owner should bring the vehicle in for Car Transmission Repair in Arizona. For more information, call Business Name to schedule an appointment.

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