Three Of The Best Used Jaguar Cars For Sale: The Fast And The Stylish

by | Mar 29, 2023 | Automotive Repair Shop

Jaguars are performance cars. They are sleek, elegant and powerful. Even used, they still rank among the best-handling vehicles. Yet, if you are going to enter the market with a used Jaguar, which one should you choose? This article looks at three of the best used Jaguar cars for sale in Voorhees.

Fast and Stylish

The speed of Jaguars was such, they were once referred to as “aircraft on wheels.” While every brand has had its hits and misses, the following list contains three used Jaguar cars for sale.

The 2007 S-Type: This midsize luxury sedan couples a torquey V8 engine with a classic retro look and many elegant interior design elements. It may be relaxed in character but its impressive powertrain belies that calm exterior. An alternative to the 2007 S-Type is 2005. This was also a good year.

2017 XE Sports Sedan: If your emphasis is on strikingly fast acceleration and precise handling, this is the Jaguar for you. It is a performance car. Its above-average reliability rates make it a lower-risk car. Its price range makes it affordable.

2011 Jaguar XF: This was a revolutionary departure for Jaguar. A sleek look replaced any sense of retro designs. Yet, the new design did not interfere with the smooth and powerful vehicle. The car is considered reliable with lower repair expenses than several Jaguar models. Other very affordable options in this class of used Jaguar cars for sale include those models in the first generation which dates from 2008 to 2015.

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