The Advantages Of Buying Used

by | Jan 23, 2019 | Auto Dealers

Many people realize that a used vehicle is a vehicle with a proven performance record, and in today’s world it’s nice to be able to glimpse the history of a used car. Unlike new vehicles, used vehicles have extensive information regarding their performance over the years, or year, depending on how old the used car is that you’re interested in. Hawk Cadillac is a used Cadillac dealer in Lockport that realizes all the advantages of the used car.

Depreciation greatly lowers the value of a “new” vehicle during its first year. It can suffer as much as 40% depreciation just in its first year alone. So that beautiful new car that you drive off in this year will be worth significantly less by the new vehicle season, leaving you with a great loss if you choose to sell your vehicle early in its lifetime. Used vehicles offer the same great “new” features if they’re only a few years old, and that means you get the same modern features without paying the hefty new dealer advertising fees and other new car fees.

Budget-wise, a used vehicle is going to make less of an impact on your wallet. You’ll get a lower down payment and lower monthly payment on a recently introduced used vehicle, and if you’re willing to buy a car several years old, you’re going to have a very low monthly payment or even be able to pay it off all at once, relieving you of a costly car payment each month. Hawk Cadillac is able to work with you on your budget and goals in order to put you in a used car that’s going to feel like new to you, and if you want extra assurance, certified pre-owned is the way to go. Hawk is the used Cadillac dealer in Lockport that always gets the job done for you. Contact Hawk today.

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