Nissan SUVs for Sale or Lease at a Dealership in South Holland, IL

by | Nov 18, 2022 | Auto Dealers

Shopping for New and Used Nissan Sport Utility Vehicles

When you shop for a Nissan SUV near South Holland, Illinois, you should understand the most common financing options. For example, a new model from a certified dealership will be available for lease for at least 24 months. If you extend the lease, you could slightly lower the monthly payments. A down payment is strongly recommended at the signing of a lease. However, you can completely waive the down payment if you’re willing to pay a much larger amount on a monthly basis. A Nissan SUV near South Holland, IL, should also be available for purchase through in-house or third-party financing. Nissan and its affiliates usually offer great interest rates on auto loans for qualifying customers.

Nissan SUVs Highlights

You can buy or lease a Nissan SUV near South Holland, Illinois, with the latest mechanical features, interior amenities, and safety technologies. Under the hood, most models are available with a V-6 engine block. However, the full-size Armada usually comes with a powerful V-8 engine. You can easily tow more than 5,000 pounds with various Nissan SUVs on the market. Likewise, the latest Nissan SUVs are available with a 4×4 drive system for excellent handling. When it comes to interior comfort, some of the largest models offer up to eight seats. Additionally, the Nissan Safety Shield technologies are readily available on the latest SUVs from this top brand.

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