The New Convenience Offered by Volvo

by | Jul 6, 2017 | Auto Dealers

Volvo has been acknowledged as one of the securest of all vehicle manufacturers today. Their vehicle inventors and designers have employed an incredible amount of stress on the safety of passengers and drivers alike. Even though safety is important, Volvo will soon be known for something else as well. If a Volvo fan is searching for a new Volvo, there is a new Volvo dealer in Arlington Heights.


In Gothenburg, Sweden at the Mobile World Congress, they revealed their experimental project, Roam Delivery. This is a service that brings products and goods right to your parked car, as an alternative of your apartment or home. In order to do this you must first go online and place an order.
Secondly, the company who gets the order prepares it for delivery and then sends it out.

Thirdly, after the customer’s order is ready for delivers, instead of it being sent to their home, it will be sent to their Volvo vehicle using GPS coordinates and apps.

Next, when the deliverer finds the Volvo, which will be likely parked somewhere, the person is granted a one-time key to access the trunk of the individual’s Volvo through a mobile app. The deliverer can open the trunk temporarily in order to place the items inside.

Lastly, when the delivery is complete, the deliverer will close the trunk. The person receiving the item will receive a text message letting them know that everything is ready.

Even though many feel that having the delivery sent to their home is just as suitable, there are benefits over home deliveries. If someone ordering a birthday or Christmas gift, they can simply keep it a secret by doing the delivery this way. Subsequently there are numerous opportunities with this service.

There may be some kinks that need to be worked out of the system, which is expected. However, this convenient service can be truly amazing when complete.

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