Is A Ford SUV The Right Vehicle For You?

by | Feb 21, 2019 | Used Car Dealers

The SUV market has changed dramatically over the last decade. There are a range of different options in SUVs including hybrids, compact SUVs and full-sized SUV that are ideal for large numbers of passengers, lots of cargo or a combination of the two.

The choice of a Ford SUV means that buyers can choose from the compact, sporty option of the EcoSport up to the large-sized Ford Expedition. No matter what size or features you choose, there are several important reasons why drivers in Vineland are choosing SUVs over other types of passenger vehicles.

Comfortable Ride

The interior design of all of the Ford SUV in Vineland models offers extreme comfort for the driver as well as the passengers. Lots of leg room, seating capacity of up to eight passengers in various models, and even room for cargo in the back, these vehicles offer a versatility that is difficult to match with a car or with a pickup truck.

With the SUV, the back seats can fold forward, adding to the cargo space in a simple and easy configuration. Models also feature the foot-activated liftgate, making it easy to load the vehicle.

Visibility and Driver Assist Technology

All SUVs sit higher on the road, which means the driver has increased visibility, which adds to safety on the road. Combining this with backup cameras, cross traffic alerts, active park assist, and adaptive cruise control and pre-collision warning and brake support, these are vehicles are designed with safety in mind.

Year Round Driving

The larger and heavier body of the Ford SUV makes it a great year round vehicle, even on wintery road conditions in the Vineland area. They are rugged as well, with the larger models offering the towing capability to make camping, hauling boat, bike or ATVs a breeze.

From compact to full-sized, try out the Ford line of SUVs. These are amazingly sophisticated vehicles that offer all the benefits of a car combined with the cargo capacity of a van.

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