Common Causes of Windshield Cracks

by | Apr 1, 2019 | Auto Dealers

It’s frustrating when you see a crack in your windshield and you have no idea how it got there. Windshield cracks can seemingly appear for no reason, but there are actually some things that can lead to windshield cracks.

  1. Driving Behind Scrap Metal Collectors

Scrap metal collectors fill their pickup beds with an assortment of scrap metal that is sharp or has rough edges. Unfortunately, they often don’t cover the beds with a tarp. When you drive behind these collectors, small bits of metal can hit your windshield, making tiny pits that eventually turn into cracks.

  1. Substandard Installation

Poor installation of your windshield causes undo strain which can lead to cracks. Another reason could be due to the windshield not being the proper size to begin with. Some new and used auto glass Chicago installers may be so eager to get your business that they’ll install a windshield that isn’t for your make and model of vehicle, just to make sure you don’t have to wait a day or two for the right size.

  1. Driving on Gravel Roads

When you drive on gravel, some rocks may fly up and hit your windshield. These small rocks and pebbles act like flying debris, and they can either crack your windshield instantly or make small pits in the glass. Those tiny pits eventually radiate outward, making that telltale crack that every driver dreads.

  1. Parking Near Construction Sites

If you park your car next to a building where construction is being done, there’s a high chance that a worker will accidentally drop construction materials or a tool over the side. This is why hardhats are required. Unfortunately, your car’s windshield is vulnerable to cracks and other damage when this occurs. New and used auto glass Chicago installers recommend parking at least across the street from such sites.

Knowing some of the most common reasons why a windshield develops cracks will help you avoid these scenarios in the future. If you do have a cracked windshield, contact Frank’s Auto Glass right away at

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