4 Top Tips for Buying a Used Nissan Pathfinder in St. Charles

by | Feb 23, 2021 | Automotive

Buying a used Nissan Pathfinder in St. Charles can be a fun and exciting experience. The key to having a pleasant used car buying experience is to be prepared and knowing where to look. Below are four ways to make the buying experience fast and easy.

Buy from a Dealership

Purchasing from a dealership gives buyers more options. Dealerships have several used vehicles, including Pathfinders, for sale on their lots being sold at various price points with different options. Buyers who stick with dealerships have a better chance of finding a low-mileage vehicle with preferred upgrades at great prices.

Test Drive Several Vehicles

Not all Pathfinders are the same. A vehicle that’s one or two years older than another model might feel differently when being driven. Buyers should test drive several vehicles to get a feel for which is more like them.

Be Prepared to Make a Down Payment

Well-qualified buyers might get away without having to put any money down to secure financing, but anyone with credit issues won’t have the same luck. Securing an auto loan with less-than-perfect credit isn’t impossible, but the more money one has to put down upfront, the better. Aim to save up 10%-20% for a down payment or plan to trade-in a vehicle.

Buy Certified Pre-owned

Not all pre-owned vehicles are the same. A certified pre-owned vehicle often still has its original manufacturer’s warranty attached. These vehicles have gone through a thorough 100-point inspection and are guaranteed to run like new.

For more information about buying a used Nissan Pathfinder in St. Charles, visit Hawk Nissan of St. Charles online.

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