When You Need Auto Windshield Repair In Wilsonville OR

by | May 16, 2024 | Autos

It is interesting how one person can go around with a major crack in their automobile’s windshield and not think a thing of it, yet another is totally bugged by even the slightest chip. The problem is that it really isn’t a matter of whether the damage to the windshield bothers you; it is a matter of if the damage is making it unsafe. It doesn’t really take a lot of damage to weaken a windshield, so at the first sign of an issue it is best to contact an auto windshield repair company Wilsonville OR.

One of the reasons why this is so important these days is because most cars now come equipped with air bags. These air bags are designed to keep the driver and/or passenger from hitting or going through the windshield during a collision. They do this by opening up between the occupants and the windshield, but if the windshield is already weakened it can be pushed out by the air bag and thus have no stopping power. Furthermore, a weakened windshield will not offer the support to the frame that it usually does meaning more danger of passenger injury during a rollover accident.

Often people put off getting their windshield repaired or replaced because they feel it will be costly and time consuming. Most full coverage insurance policies will cover the cost completely, and even if you do not have full coverage the cost is less than you’d think. This type of claim on your policy will not raise your rates either. Call an Auto Windshield Repair Wilsonville OR company for a quick quote for your model of vehicle. As for convenience, some companies offer mobile services and can come to your home or office.

One last reason for calling an Auto Windshield Repair Wilsonville OR company when you have just a chip or small crack is that while these are small they often can be simply repaired. This is much cheaper than having the entire window replaced. The longer one waits to have this taken care of, the more chance the damage will expand to the point where replacement is necessary.

So, whether your window damage is distracting you or not, it makes sense to get the window repaired or replaced rather than ignore it. The safety of your family just might depend upon it. Visit SIR Auto Glass & Calibration for more information.

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