Volkswagen Jetta, A Great Car That Won’t Break The Bank

by | Oct 20, 2016 | Auto Business Blog

The Volkswagen Jetta is among the best selling VW models in the US, and for a good reason. Since the vehicles introduction it has given small car buyers exactly what they want; up market design, a well thought out and appealing cabin and strong engine options.

From the corporations point of view the VW Golf may be more important to the bottom line but with the US consumers love for family sedans, the Jetta is the best seller. Prior to 2011 the Jetta was little more than a Golf with a trunk; in 2011 the Jetta moved away from the Golf platform and was specifically engineered for the needs of the American public.

What’s new in 2016?

VW introduced an all new infotainment system which includes both Apple and Android capabilities. As well as in car enjoyment, the Volkswagen Jetta in Plainfield also go a new engine, the old outdated 2.0L was replaced with a powerful 1.4L turbo four cylinder. There was not a great deal of change in the trim and the turbo diesel is no longer in the range.

It is really hard to beat the Jetta for stability, it is extremely quiet, comfortable and wonderful to drive at highway speeds and it certainly can stand on its own feet when it comes off the highway onto the back roads of America. For scooting around town, the new engine combined with very light steering and great visibility makes getting through traffic easy. Most buyers will be happy with the 150 HP version of the new engine but if not, VW offer a 170 HP 1.8L and a 210 HP 2.0L option making the docile Jetta into a sports compact.

The cabin is a strong point in Favor of the Jetta, the backseat will comfortably accommodate three adults and the trunk is large. Topped off with the new infotainment system, the entire cabin looks modern and extremely well laid out; typical German design and efficiency.

If you have decided on purchasing or leasing a new Volkswagen Jetta in Plainfield, contact Hawk Volkswagen and log on to Facebook for finding new updates.

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