Used Land Rover for Sale: One Happy Extended Family

by | Apr 21, 2023 | Car Dealership

The Land Rover family can be confusing. Essentially, however, Land Rovers fall into two basic family groupings:

  1. The Land Rover
  2. The Range Rover

While the Range Rover appears to be a separate entity, it is actually a sub-family with its own children. As a result, an ad saying “Used Land Rover for sale” in Philadelphia could refer to either Land or Range Rovers.

The Land Rover Family

The Land Rover family consists of several vehicles dedicated to making off-road fun, safe and, sometimes, even comfortable. One uncompromising off-roader is the Defender. Once completely utilitarian, it now boasts such amenities as air suspension and driver assistance technology. However, it still upholds its reputation as a rough-and-tumble off-road vehicle. A posher model is the Discovery. As a new or used Land Rover for sale in Philadelphia, it combines comfort and off-road capabilities.

The Range Rover Family

The Range Rover is often perceived as a separate entity. The number of vehicles within this category as well as its popularity tends to place them in a class of their own. The Range Rover, The Sport, the Velar and the Evoque all are Land Rover/Range Rovers.

Its origins also indicate the difference. Since 1970, the Range Rover has been considered a luxury vehicle. This does not ignore the off-road capabilities. However, new or used, a Range Rover portrays itself in a different light than its parents. It is more of a status symbol than the Land Rover. Still, a used Range Rover is a used Land Rover for sale.

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