Top Reasons To Purchase A Subaru Outback

by | Mar 11, 2021 | Car Dealership

There are many different makes and models of SUVs on the market, particularly in the compact SUV category. Choosing between the various makes and models should be a strategic process, starting with choosing vehicles highly rated by other Newark, NJ, drivers.

An extremely popular option in the compact SUV category is the Subaru Outback. This includes the current year model, as well as pre-owned Outbacks on the lot. Taking the opportunity to test drive an Outback is usually all that is needed to make the decision to purchase the vehicle, but there are some additional reasons to choose this vehicle.

Great Year-Round Vehicle

The Subaru Outback in Newark, NJ is a great vehicle even on wintery and wet roads. The smaller size of this SUV makes it convenient and easy to drive and maneuver in the city, while it also performs well on the highway. This is an all-wheel drive, which means it offers top handling in any situation.

Interior Comfort

Some SUVs have limited comfort and luxury features. This is not the case with the Outback, which offers a large, roomy cabin combined with optional heated front and rear seats and lots of leg and headspace for adults in both rows.

Off-Roading Potential

Even though many buyers in the Newark, NJ, area are not specifically looking for an off-road vehicle, it is nice to know the Subaru Outback is up to the task. The vehicle offers 8.7 inches of total ground clearance, which allows you to easily get off the beaten track.

The standard driver-assist and safety features are two other reasons to consider an Outback. This combination of features makes this SUV a great option for anyone.

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