The Basic Models of Chevrolet Trucks for Sale: Silverado and Colorado

by | May 18, 2022 | Car Dealer

Chevy is known for producing durable and dependable trucks. Over the years, the technology has improved but the capability of the company’s vehicles has remained the same. When you see Chevrolet trucks for sale on the lot of a dealership in Wichita KS or listed as a private sale, whether it is a Silverado or a Colorado, you know what to expect,


The Chevy Colorado was introduced in 2004. It is now in its second generation. This is a mid-size truck meant to handle practical tasks daily. It performs well on road and even better off-road making it capable of successfully executing everyday jobs. How good is it at what it does? The Chevrolet Colorado has won Motor Trend Truck of the Year twice.


Another common example of common Chevrolet trucks for sale in Wichita, KS, is the Chevy Silverado. This truck has been around since 1999. It is larger than the Chevy Colorado and meant to haul more. Combine a potent engine with a roomy interior and be ready to tow to your heart’s content. Overall, this Chevrolet truck delivers a smooth but powerful ride.

Chevy Trucks

For sale online and on car lots across America, Chevy trucks are known for being functional, versatile and highly capable. They are workhorses. Lacking the bells, whistles and frills of many other trucks makes them affordable. They are a working man and woman’s vehicle. Across the United States, from Wichita KS to Denver CO, Chevy trucks help their owners get on with everyday life and extraordinary tasks.

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