Simple Fall Driving Tips While Using a Car Rental in Covington, LA

by | Sep 22, 2022 | Autos

Days are growing short and the air is becoming colder. Fall will be in full swing before you know it, which can also bring about road hazards for drivers. While the fog and foliage are a few more weeks away, it won’t hurt to review fall driving basics. There’s no telling what obstacles this season might throw at you as you hurtle through the thick wooded roads of Louisiana, so better be ready. Whether you’re driving your own car or a car rental in Covington, LA, the following fall driving tips might save your life.

Hunting Throws the Wild Into Chaos

Deer rut in Louisiana runs from September to January, even lasting through February in some years. During this time, hunters are on the prowl for stray deers. While the hunting season starts in mid-November, stags losing their way into human settlements is a common sight, some crossing busy neighborhood streets. That’s why when driving through a wooded area, try slowing down so you can have time to react if a deer suddenly jumps out.

Children Crossing the Dark Streets

Wild animals aren’t the only ones patrolling the streets in the fall. Little children and their furry buddies, too. Sometimes they will stay outside even after sundown, which can be dangerous. As a result, drivers must be extra careful when driving through residential areas. Make sure all your car’s exterior lights are working correctly. If possible, take routes with fewer residents to reduce the risk of an accident. This is particularly crucial if you’re planning a road trip using a car rental in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Roads Are Turning Slippery

It will be less cloudy throughout Louisiana in the fall but expect occasional downpours to wet the roads. There will also be times when the cold fall air is enough to freeze moisture and make roads slippery. One way to prepare for this scenario is to replace your current tires with all-season tires, which are known to have a better grip on the road no matter its state. In addition, you have to drive more slowly, especially on a high-traffic road.

Leaves Are Setting Traps on the Road

While laws prevent communities from blowing fallen leaves from their yards into public streets, you will still find roads covered in leaves because of the trees around them. These leaves may conceal many things, some of which, like broken glasses and potholes, are road hazards. You may even accidentally hit small animals as they blend in with the leaves. Drive slowly to avoid these hazards or reduce the potential damage your vehicle may cause.

Stay Alert When There’s Fog

The cold temperature will cause fog almost every day. If the fog is too thick, wait till it disappears before hitting the road. If you can’t avoid driving in such a condition, drive slowly with your headlights pointing to the road. You don’t want to bump into a vehicle in front of you, so keep your distance.

Roads can be dangerous during the fall season. But with proper preparation and responsible driving, you can avoid accidents. Maintaining your vehicle as early as now can also prevent the surprise of a breakdown, which can be extra hazardous when you have to pull over in a fog because oncoming traffic has limited vision. Check out Baldwin Subaru for more helpful tips.

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