Signs it’s Time to Seek Auto Repair in Tulsa

by | Jun 13, 2016 | Tires

When a driver takes their vehicle in for regular maintenance, there is a high likelihood that the engine will last up to 200,000 miles or more. However, there is always the chance that something may go wrong, or if a service appointment is missed, the driver may begin to experience some type of engine issue. Getting to know some of the signs of an issue will help any driver keep their car, truck or SUV on the road and running efficiently. Some signs it is time to seek Auto Repair Tulsa right away can be found here.

Knocks in the Engine

One of the most common signs of engine trouble is if a loud knocking sound is heard. In most cases, this indicates that there is some type of issue with the engine bearings, which are the actual moving parts that the motor rests on. If the bearings begin to fail, then the engine is going to seize up, which will require an extensive engine rebuild and in some cases, replacement.

Reduced Engine Power

Another sign a driver should seek the services of an Auto Repair in Tulsa professional is if the engine is not providing adequate power for the vehicle. This could indicate issues with fuel delivery, air intake problems, improper lubrication and a number of other issues. A driver may also begin to notice a reduced fuel efficiency, inadequate acceleration and a rough idle.

Increased Amount of Exhaust Smoke

In quite a few situations, the first signs that there is a problem with a vehicle’s engine are if there is an excessive amount of exhaust smoke present. Looking at the color of the smoke can help provide a driver with an indication of the issue. For example:

* White smoke: Coolant is being burnt up on the motor.

* Black smoke: Too much fuel is being burned.

* Blue smoke: The vehicle is burning oil.

Taking action when any of these issues is noticed is a must. Additional help and information can be found by contacting the staff from Tate Boys Tire & Service. For drivers who have more questions or want additional information, they can click here.

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