The Process of Buying a Car at Dealerships

by | Aug 31, 2017 | Auto Repair

The process of haggling over the price of cars is torture for some people. Other people find haggling over prices to be as natural as the sun rising over a mountain stream in the fall.

Haggling is Good

Whether you enjoy or not, haggling is a great benefit to the customer when buying a vehicle. If the dealer is not willing to go down on the price of his inventory, just find another dealer who will. Sometimes haggling can take several times forward and backward between the parties. The vendor will go to their manager and come back to you until you can all agree on a final price. There is really no reason to pay the price of the complete sticker on any vehicle, new or used.

Research the Options

Do your research before shopping for car dealers in Mount Prospect to see what car you want. If you have a trading vehicle, check out sites like Kelly Blue Book or NADA Guides for the amount you can expect to get for your trade in advance. This allows you to have a final amount in mind that you are looking to spend for the new vehicle, with or without exchange. Many dealers have websites that show their current inventory in real time, so you can know what they have in stock before physically visiting them.

Stick to the Plan

Going in to the negotiation process with a plan in mind is the only way to come out on top. Find a plan and stick to it. Once you have a solid plan in mind, it comes down to executing it. That seems harder than it really is. There is no need to be shy or intimidated. People talk about prices all day. Simply remind the salesman you have a price and a plan in mind and if you can’t make that square out you would have to try another dealership. It’s nothing personal, and they understand that.

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