Plenty Of Good Reasons To Buy A Chevy Colorado

by | Aug 2, 2016 | Auto Parts

The current Chevy Colorado is a good looking, mid-size pick-up. The Colorado is appealing to those buyers that want the benefits of a pick-up but don’t want a full size truck. Chevy in New Lennox are finding that their customers are pleased with the design, value and its typical Chevy reliability.

There have been a number of changes from previous models; the new Chevy Colorado has more curves than in the past which tends to give the truck a certain air of luxury, the interior has also been redesigned to add to the comfort and visual appreciation.

Over and above what you see from the outside there are numerous other changes and enhancements that make this Chevy in New Lennox a great candidate for those looking for a vehicle that acts like a truck but drives like a car.

Accolades: It is important for vehicle manufacturers to have a model recognized by a well respected outside source. The Chevy Colorado is Motor Trend’s “Truck of the Year.” Motor Trend look at numerous aspects before they put their reputation on the line; safety, value and overall performance are all important factors along with fuel efficiency, engineering and design enhancements. In all aspects the Chevy Colorado was the hands down winner.

Affordability: This truck is very affordable; the recommended retail price is pitched right for those buyers that want all the features of a full size truck at a great price.

Fuel efficiency: Even though fuel prices are low at the moment, they will go back up and when they do those who purchased their Chevy in New Lennox will be glad they did. The Colorado is rated at 27 MPG on the open highway, well ahead of its closest foreign manufactured rival.

Any Chevy truck lover will genuinely appreciate what has gone into the design and manufacture of this mid-size pickup.

If you are looking for a great truck at a great price you will definitely be interested in the Chevy Colorado. This Chevy in New Lenox, along with the entire Chevy range can be seen and test driven at Hawk Chevrolet Cadillac of Joliet.

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