National Car Care Month Tips from a Ford Dealer near Louisville, KY

by | Apr 22, 2022 | Autos

April is National Car Care Month and it’s a perfect excuse to give your vehicle extra TLC. Even if you’ve just had it tuned up last month, it doesn’t hurt to give it another thorough look because you never know what you’ll find. Maybe the spark plugs need cleaning or the air filters are half-clogged again. Take this opportunity to fix those problems so your car can stay in fine fettle for longer. A Ford dealer near Louisville, KY identifies some issues that you might find and should deal with quickly.

Motor oil may be too old

Your car’s engine is made up of various parts that constantly slide against each other when your car is running. Motor oil is poured into the system to lubricate these parts and prevent them from overheating. Over time, this oil becomes thick with debris, making it less efficient. The rule of thumb is to change oil at least every 3,000 miles. You can check your manufacturer’s manual to know the best time to do this since motor oil performance may vary from model to model.

You probably need new brakes

Brake failure may only account for about 5% of car crashes in the United States, but that’s still 300,000 cases per year. If you don’t want to be part of the statistics, better take your brakes’ condition a little more seriously. Brake pads and rotors are typically durable and don’t have to be replaced often. But when you feel like it’s taking too long to bring your vehicle to a full stop, brake replacement can no longer wait. Signs like this usually show up when you’ve reached 50,000 miles.

Significant loss of tire tread

Your ability to control your vehicle when driving at any speed depends on a number of factors. One of these is the depth of your tires’ tread. You need enough friction between the tires and the road to safely maneuver your vehicle, and that’s what the tread on your tires are for. Check the tires and see how deep the tread is. If you can no longer insert a coin in the grooves, it means you need new tires. A Ford dealer near Louisville, KY can recommend the best car parts provider to turn to for new tires.

Suspension system may be a little off the mark

Ever wondered how a car’s tires can turn while carrying the weight of the car? Well, that’s because the body of the car is suspended on the chassis, which comes with springs, shock absorbers, and axles. Together they form the suspension system. This section of your car is also responsible for maintaining your car’s alignment. If you are having difficulty steering your car toward a certain direction, odds are your car has an alignment issue.

The National Car Care Month is meant to remind motorists of the importance of car maintenance. While it’s fun to join in and do your vehicle a favor, remember that this isn’t just a one-time activity. You need to put in the same energy every time you’re maintaining your vehicle. It’s one of your biggest investments after all. You can check out Jim O’neal Ford for more helpful tips.

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