Mercedes-Benz Car Dealers: Reflecting on 2023

by | Sep 27, 2023 | Car Dealership

The year 2023 is coming to an end. It is time to look forward to 2024. While 2023 models are still readily available, Mercedes-Benz dealers are preparing to move beyond 2023. It is now time to check the 2023 inventory and reflect on the year past.

What Sells Best?

Mercedes-Benz car dealers in Maple Shade NJ, like counterparts throughout America are increasingly reflecting on the past year’s sales. This year the vehicles with the most impressive American sales figures include some surprises.


Outshone previously by the GLC, the GLE has made a leap in 2023 in the popularity polls. It is a roomy and comfortable ride in a classy chassis.


This three-row, luxurious SUV lives up to the high standards established by Mercedes-Benz from its entry into car manufacturing. It is a powerhouse wrapped in a sophisticated package of interior and exterior elegance.

G-Class: This off-roader impresses with its unique style and modification options.

A Surprise in 2023

For some Mercedes-Benz dealers, a surprising increase in sales came in the BEV market. Electric cars produced by Mercedes-Benz increased significantly in 2023. Some critics associate this interest in Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles with the increase in variety the company has introduced. The top two sellers in this field were:

  1. EQE SUV and Sedan
  2. EQS SUV and Sedan

These vehicles are noted for being competitive in their range. They deliver when it comes to cabin comfort and amenities. Nor has the company stinted when it comes to looks and performance.

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