Live near the mountains? Here’s 5 reasons why Subaru’s all-wheel drive is important

by | May 19, 2023 | Autos

Know what’s great about living near the mountains?

How about everything.

That said, the weather can be unpredictable and change quickly, leading to less-than-desirable road conditions. That’s why so many visitors to the Subaru dealership in Albuquerque ask about the vehicle’s all-wheel drive.

What’s all-wheel drive, and why is it important?

With all-wheel drive, power from the engine is sent to all four wheels simultaneously, giving your vehicle better grip and making it less likely to slip or slide. That makes it safer and easier to drive on snowy or wet roads.

However, not all car dealerships near Rio Rancho, NM offer all-wheel drive as a standard option; ask ahead before you commit.

For now, here are five reasons why all-wheel drive is perfect for this area:

Reason 1: Better Traction on Snow and Ice

All-wheel drive propels your vehicle forward, making navigating steep inclines and slippery roads more manageable.

Reason 2: Improves Stability on Wet Roads

The same goes for wet roads. The extra traction prevents hydroplaning and keeps you in control of your vehicle – even in heavy rain. Front-wheel drive vehicles, for example, lack that extra traction.

Reason 3: Increases Off-Road Capability

Enjoy off-roading or exploring backcountry roads? Then all-wheel drive is a must-have feature. It’s easier to tackle rough terrain and uneven surfaces with all-wheel drive.

Reason 4: Safer Braking in Emergencies

All-wheel drive vehicles also have better braking performance in emergencies. That’s because all four wheels are engaged, allowing it to stop faster and with greater stability.

Reason 5: Improves Handling in Cornering

This again goes back to the power distributed to all four wheels simultaneously. Whether you’re taking a tight turn on a winding mountain road or a sharp corner on a city street, all-wheel drive gives you better control when making those turns.

There’s nothing wrong with front-wheel drive, especially in normal driving conditions. It’s also great for places with mild climates and a lack of snow and/or ice.

But vehicles with all-wheel drive tend to perform better in this state.

Have more questions? Your Subaru dealer near Santa Fe, NM, can tell you all about the benefits of all-wheel drive.

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