Is the Porsche Taycan for Sale in Philadelphia Your Choice?

by | Aug 6, 2020 | Car Dealership

The Porsche Taycan for sale in Philadelphia could be the ideal investment for you if you like stunning sports cars, incredible styling and a powerful engine. This is a top-notch vehicle and one of the most luxury options available from the manufacturer. Take a look at some of the features in the 2020 model.

Three Model Options to Choose From

The Porsche Taycan for sale Philadelphia is the vehicle for those who want top performance. There are three model options the 4S, Turbo and the Turbo S. The car was built as a direct competition for the all-electric Tesla. This model provides a much longer battery charge than previous Taycan vehicles. It comes with a 150-kilowatt charger that triples the vehicle’s charging power at fast-charging locations.

Looking Under the Hood

When it comes to performance and power, this vehicle offers two electric motor options. The 4S comes with a 522-horsepower engine and the Turbo delivers 670 horsepower. It can get up to speed fast and allows for easy control for drivers. The car gets 192 miles of range on a single charge for the 4S model.

For those who want a stylish and stunning vehicle to take out on the roads with them, there is no doubt the Porsche Taycan for sale in Philadelphia offers the best features. This is a fast moving, but it is a comprehensively distinct vehicle inside and out with a lot of luxurious features.

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