How To Install Trailer Jacks in Minneapolis MN

by | Aug 26, 2016 | Antiques and Collectibles

Trailer jacks are used on trailers that have a heavy tongue weight. The trailer needs to be lifted so that it clears the hitch ball on the vehicle. This is done by using a trailer jack. Here are instructions on how to install Trailer Jacks in Minneapolis MN.

  • Before starting, the following will be needed: a set of two wheel chocks, a hydraulic jack, an adjustable wrench, and of course the trailer jack and accompanying installation kit. Make sure to read directions that are included in the kit. There may be product specific instructions in addition to the ones listed here.
  • For easy installation, hitch the trailer to the vehicle. Chock the wheels of the trailer and use the hydraulic jack to lift the trailer slightly above the ball hitch. Back the vehicle up until the hitch ball is even with the trailer hitch and then lower the hydraulic jack.
  • Hold the trailer jack in place by hand to locate the optimum place to install it. Make sure that it has enough clearance on the ground when driving over bumpy terrain and that it is located out of the way when it is in the stowed position.
  • Lower the jack by adjusting the swivel plate. Turn the crank in a clockwise direction to lower the caster to the ground.
  • The jack now needs to be attached to the tongue rail of the trail with the hardware from the kit. Run the bolts through the mounting holes into the mounting bars.
  • Install and tighten the lock washers and nuts to the threaded end of the bolts
  • Test the jack in all positions before using trailer in a driving and/or hauling situation.
  • Remember to use a threadlocker to ensure that the bolts do not come off while the trailer is in use or in transit.

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