How You Can Tell if Your Car Has Transmission Problems in AZ

Your transmission in Gilbert, AZ, is the most important part of your vehicle. Therefore, you need to stay on top of it and learn to recognize the symptoms of transmission issues. The following are some signs that you might have a problem with your transmission and need to get someone to work on it as quickly as possible.

Slow Shifting

You may need work on your transmission in Gilbert, AZ, if you’re experiencing slow shifting or late shifting. You’ll be able to tell that your transmission is shifting slowly if it goes past the recommended RPMs before it kicks into another gear. The first thing you should check is your transmission fluid to ensure that you have the proper amount. If not, you might need assistance from a certified mechanic.

Complete Failure to Shift

You most likely need some work on your transmission if it’s failing to shift into a specific gear, or it’s not shifting at all. You may need to tow it to the nearest repair shop and having someone work on it for you. Make sure you choose a reliable establishment that has a lengthy history of providing top-notch work.

Hard Shifting

Hard shifting is another problem you may notice when you have transmission issues. Hard shifting is when your transmission jams into gear instead of gently sliding or gliding into the next gear. Hard shifting often indicates a problem with the fluid or a leak somewhere in the system. In severe cases, there could be problems with the actual gears. It’s best to take it to a shop to have someone look at it.