How to Determine What Type of Car You Should Buy From a San Jose Dealership

Replacing an old or outdated vehicle is the perfect time to re-evaluate your needs for transportation. This can help you decide whether a smaller compact car is still enough or if your family needs something bigger, such as a new Infiniti Qx50 in San Jose, CA. By determining your family’s needs into the future, you can choose a vehicle that will grow with your family.

Consider the Mileage

The number of miles your new vehicle gets to the gallon may not mean much if you tend to stick to surface streets in your city. However, if you commute longer distances for work or plan to send a child off to college, you may want better highway mileage. Even if you don’t do much driving now, consider how that will change within the next five years.

Passenger Space

If you have more than one child or plan to expand your family, you may need a larger car or SUV. This is also something to consider if you own pets. In particular, an SUV has the rear space for an animal’s crate, allowing you to transport your pet more safely. The extra room will also make it easier to give your children’s friends rides home after a big game.

Cargo Room

If you think you’ll need more cargo room in your next vehicle, a new Infiniti Qx50 in San Jose, CA, may be ideal. The extra space can be useful in transporting your kids’ sports equipment, packing up for a weekend camping trip, or storing gear for a day at the beach.

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