Got a Junk Car, Get Rid of it in Chicago

by | May 3, 2018 | Automotive

If you have an old junk car sitting in your driveway or backyard, it can be dangerous to neighborhood children who may play in and around it, and it certainly is not nice to look at. But, on the bright side, these cars are also a source of ready cash. In Chicago, it is quite easy to sell an old car as the demand for usable parts is high, and scrap metal is always in demand.

To ensure you get the most money from the salvage company, you should do a few things before they pick it up.

Make Sure the Paperwork is in Order

If the vehicle is still covered by insurance, cancel it. All reputable auto salvage companies want the title, and they want the vehicle transferred into their name. Remove the license plates and destroy them.

Clean the Car Out

There is always a tendency to use a non-running car as a place to store anything and everything. Chances are there are items that were left in the car when it was taken off the road and things have been put in the car since. Before you arrange to have it picked up, clean everything out. You might get a better price when it is clean.

Can Parts Be Salvaged?

Before you negotiate a price for the junk car, check to see if there are any parts or accessories that can be stripped off and sold separately. The company you sell it to might not consider a high-end sound system, for instance, when they make their offer. You can get a better price by selling it privately. Once you have agreed upon the salvage price, you must turn it over in the condition it was in at the time.

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