Finding The Right Ford Model to Fit Your Needs at a Car Dealership

by | Sep 26, 2019 | Auto Repair


Depending on what you are looking for in a car, you might have settled already on a single manufacturer and that one could be Ford. While you might know that you are going to purchase a car from Ford, you must consider first what car model you are going to purchase from them. Look into these car models you can purchase from Ford.

Ford Fusion

Electric cars have made it in the news in recent years due to the rising availability for them is not just the amount being produced, but the prices. Ford has decided to combine an electric car with a traditional gas car by creating a hybrid called the Ford Fusion. With the Ford Fusion, you have the choice between using all-electric, all-gasoline, or a combination of both that can save you money on fuel and help support a better environment. If you are looking for a new Ford car, you might not have to go any further than purchasing a Ford Fusion in Barrington.

Ford Edge

Having a smaller car might be great for those that are just getting around the city by themselves and their significant other, but what if you need to transport an entire family around? The Ford Edge is an SUV that takes the space needed for multiple people and combines it with the performance typically seen with other cars. With 335 horsepower combined with a turbocharged EcoBoost engine, customers can see the performance that outmatches many other SUVs on the market today. Take a look into the Ford Edge when you want a unique SUV.

Arlington Heights Ford

Once you’ve found the right Ford model, you’ll need to find the right place to purchase it at. By visiting Arlington Heights Ford, you’ll be able to sort through a large selection of each model, all ranging in condition and colors so you can find the one that fits your budget. Whether you’re looking for a Ford Fusion in Barrington or another Ford model, visit Arlington Heights Ford.

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