Differences in Harley Davidson Dealers in Pittsburgh

by | Apr 27, 2016 | Authorized Retailers

There are several harley davidson dealers in Pittsburgh, or in the surrounding areas, which is great for customers. They have many options from which to choose, so getting the services, experience, selection, and pricing they want is simply a matter of comparison. Knowing how dealers are different can narrow down the search and save some time. Customers should have an idea of what they are looking for in a dealer to help with the selection process.

Most dealers have similar services, but there are still a few differences. One, for example, offers heated winter storage for motorcycles. That can come in handy for customers who do not have a garage or access to indoor secure parking. Check with some storage companies in the area and get pricing for comparison. It may be just as cost-effective to store a motorcycle in a private unit.

About one-half of the dealers offer rental services for motorcycles and Trikes. The security deposit and requirements are all the same and include a valid motorcycle license, a major credit card, damage waiver fees, and a minimum age of twenty-one years. as are the features included in the rental rates. A helmet, rain gear, twenty-four-hour roadside assistance, and unlimited mileage are available at all dealers that rent out vehicles. They all offer day and week rates, with one offering a three-day rental rate.

Experience is where the major difference can be found among Harley Davidson Dealers in Pittsburgh. There is one that has been in business for almost fifty years. That is a long time to perfect a service department, expand on customer satisfaction, and learn everything there is to know about the manufacturer, the models, and motorcycles in general. Contact us for details on services, financing, and rentals.

Selection is a key element for any dealership. New and used vehicles of different types offer customers more freedom when searching for a motorcycle to meet their needs and budgets. All dealers carry only Harley-Davidson models for the current model year, but one offers other manufacturers in used options. Trade-in allowances for Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, and California Motorcycle, means that those brands are available in the used motorcycle inventory.

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