Benefits of a Car Transmission Rebuild in Arizona

A vehicle’s transmission is responsible for getting power from its engine to its wheels, so it should go without saying that damage to the transmission system can lead to disaster. Drivers have a few options when it comes to having this damage fixed, though. Read on to find out why a full Car Transmission Rebuild in Arizona constitutes the best possible of these options.

Quality of Rebuilt Transmissions

When a mechanic rebuilds a transmission, he or she disassembles the entire thing and checks each individual part for signs of damage and wear. Worn-out parts are then replaced with new ones before the transmission is reassembled, leaving it in pristine condition. This process offers quality guarantees that are absent when purchasing a used transmission, which could have been running for tends or even hundreds of thousands of miles prior to being removed.

Faster Than Buying Used

Older model cars can pose unique challenges when it comes to solving transmission issues. Drivers must often resort to checking junkyards and online auctions or purchasing a used transmission from afar, which can then take weeks to arrive. Rebuilding a transmission, on the other hand, usually takes only two or three days, helping drivers get back on the road much faster.

Long-Term Results

Simple transmission repairs involve only the diagnosis of the obvious problem and the replacement of the damaged parts responsible for causing it. There is no guarantee that another part is not becoming worn out, which can lead to the need for more repairs almost immediately. During a Car Transmission Rebuild in Arizona, all potentially faulty parts are removed and replaced, so drivers won’t have to worry about another imminent failure.

Rebuild Warranties

Most companies offering transmission rebuild services will also offer a warranty on the work they’ve performed. Most used transmissions, on the other hand, are sold as-is and do not come with any kind of warranty, which means that even if the transmission gives out after just a few miles, drivers will be responsible for purchasing a new one or having the used one rebuilt anyway. It’s important to find a specialized mechanic when looking into complete rebuilds, so click here to get the search started today.