Advantages of Buying a Pre-owned Car from an Authorized Dealer

by | Jan 25, 2018 | Automotive

When in the market for a new car, there are several options available; namely buying a brand new car, buying a pre-owned car from an authorized dealer, and buying a used or pre-owned car from another party. If you have decided to buy a pre-owned car and are searching for pre-owned cars in Oak Lawn, here are several advantages of buying such a car from an authorized dealer.

Less Risk Involved

Buying a used car may always carry some unknowns and a certain risk factor. However, when you purchase the car from an authorized dealer, you are less likely to get a bad deal. Dealerships are able to provide more information about the state, history, and quality of the car in the form of more documentation and car reports. Buying from a private individual may not provide you with as much assurance about the true state of the car. Additionally, many dealerships participate in certified pre-owned programs. This means that the certified cars have been thoroughly inspected by experts.

Warranty and After-sale Service

Authorized dealers are able to provide warranties on the vehicles that they sell. You are thus covered for defects that are realized on the vehicle within the warranty period. This also means that the dealership is less likely to sell very poor-quality vehicles in the first place. Authorized dealerships often also provide after-sale services such free or discounted car service for a period defined by their terms.

Authorized dealerships also provide many different car options, and may have loan assistance available. It is very beneficial to enquire from the dealership about kind of deals, options and warranties they give before beginning the purchase process.

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