5 Summer Car Maintenance Tips for Your Car Rental in Covington, LA

by | Jul 29, 2022 | Car Rental

Summer is in full swing, and guess who’s bearing the brunt of the scorching weather—your car. Excessive heat, when taken lightly, can take a toll on your vehicle’s engine, air conditioning, transmission, and braking system. Depending on how you protect your car, it can leave lasting or even irreversible damage. So instead of spending a fortune on off-season repairs, follow these simple summer car maintenance tips for your car rental in Covington, LA.

Keep the battery clean

High temperatures have several effects on your car’s battery. First, the lead plates inside the battery corrode faster due to accelerated chemical activity, shortening the battery’s life. Second, the water in the electrolyte mixture evaporates faster, draining the battery’s charge more quickly. Cleaning the battery’s surface may help slow down corrosion. Experts in car rental in Baton Rouge, Louisiana also suggest checking and refilling each cell with distilled water to preserve the electrolyte’s potency.

Check tire pressure and tread

Tires deflate faster during a hot day, mainly by 1 to 2 PSI for every 10-degree spike. Usually, your car tires should have around 32 PSI before traveling. But because you need to factor in the excess heat from summer, you should raise the standard pressure to 35 PSI. To be certain, always refer to your vehicle’s manual for the right pressure. You must check your tires’ tread as well. You never know how much rubber is left on the surface of your tires. If they are too thin, it’s only a matter of time before they burst. So it is best if you replace them quickly.

Brakes must be strong and the wheels aligned

If you notice your car drifting in the opposite direction where you steered it, it’s a case of misalignment, and you should fix it immediately. First, have a mechanic look at your vehicle and adjust the suspension system. Don’t drive your car until the wheels are aligned. Also, check the brakes for wear and tear. You may need to replace the brake fluid as well. It’s an even bigger problem if the rotors are broken because it will require replacing the entire braking system.

Top up engine oil and coolant

When was the last time you changed your engine oil? Three months ago? In that case, check its viscosity. It can hold out for a few hundred miles if it’s still runny. But if it’s already thick with contaminants, you should replace it immediately as it can do more harm than good to your engine. Also, check if there’s still enough coolant in the radiator, as this substance keeps the engine from overheating.

Replace the air, oil, and fuel filters

Motor oil is circulated repeatedly to and from the engine. But every time it comes back from the engine, it carries contaminants such as metal particles produced by the rubbing components. You don’t want those recirculated into the engine, which is why the system was designed so that oil must pass through a filter every time the loop starts. On the other hand, an air filter prevents dust from entering the engine. The same goes for fuel filters, except they filter out contaminants from your fuel before it passes through the engine.

Welcome all ideas that can help increase your knowledge of car maintenance. Start with these tips if you’ve only tried doing it once or twice. And if it’s a problem you can’t fix yourself, know when you should bring your car to your trusted mechanic. Check out Baldwin Subaru for more helpful tips.

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