4 Signs That a Car Needs Auto Exhaust Repair Services in Fort Riley KS

by | Sep 14, 2016 | Automotive Service

A vehicle’s exhaust system is intended to keep dangerous gasses out of the cabin while converting them to less harmful materials. By removing contaminants and fumes, the exhaust system increases fuel efficiency and engine performance, and it prevents potential poisoning. If a driver suspects an exhaust leak they should get it checked out right away. A mechanic can find and fix the leak to keep the car running as it should. Below are four signs that a car may need auto exhaust repair services in Fort Riley KS.

Lower Fuel Efficiency

If trips to the gas station are becoming more common, an exhaust leak could be to blame. Exhaust leaks can cause oxygen sensors, usually found at the end of the system, to give inaccurate readings. These inaccuracies can cause the vehicle to burn more fuel. Anytime a driver notices a steep decline in fuel economy, they should head to a repair shop as soon as possible.

Increased Engine Noise

An obvious sign of an exhaust system issue is increased noise from the engine compartment. Loud rumbling that ebbs and flows with vehicle RPMs is a reliable indicator of a leak. While the noise may sound cool to some, it does not help the vehicle’s health.

Vibrating Gas Pedal

If the car vibrates under acceleration, it may be because of an exhaust system problem. Most of the time, the vibration is felt coming from the steering wheel or gas pedal. If a car has odd vibrations, the driver should take it to a shop for diagnosis and possible repair.

Check Engine Lights

An illuminated check engine light is always a cause for concern. There are numerous things that activate the light, but many of these concern the exhaust system. When the check engine light comes on, the driver should bring the car in for Auto Exhaust Repair Services in Fort Riley KS.

A car’s exhaust system keeps the driver and passengers safe, reduces engine buildup, and increases fuel mileage. If there’s an exhaust leak or other issue, drivers should contact Ekart Automotive Services right away. Exhaust problems only get worse over time, and prompt diagnosis can lessen the potential for damage to the engine or other components.

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