2 Reasons Why You Really Don’t Want To Put Off That Oil and Filter Change

by | Dec 11, 2019 | Automotive

While an oil and filter change is part of regular auto maintenance, it’s often easy to delay it for a time. The fact is that choosing to put off oil changes Moline IL is not a good thing. If you need incentive to stick to the schedule and take care of that oil and filter change on time, consider these two reasons. They should be enough to convince you that routine maintenance is important.

Protecting The Engine

The oil does more than lubricate the engine. While that’s important, it helps to remember that oil changes Moline IL make is possible to remove the sludge and debris that the oil picks up while circulating through the engine. Delay the change long enough and all that debris begins to settle back into different parts of the engine. The result will be reducing performance and ultimately leading to some major mechanical repairs or the need to replace the engine altogether.

Enjoying a Smoother Ride

You already know how maintaining the suspension system is key to enjoying a smooth ride. Did you know that timely oil changes Moline IL also contribute to your comfort? Fresh oil helps the engine to run smoother. That in turn reduces vibrations that would otherwise make the tide a little rocker. Along with saving you money in the long run, regular oil and filter change provide you with a little more driving comfort.

When was the last time you had the oil and filter changed in your vehicle? If you’re not sure, that’s a sign to call today and arrange to take the car to the auto shop. Moving forward, set up a schedule for oil changes and stick to them. Your efforts will pay off in both the short term and the long run.

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